Last Update 6th October 2020

  1. Payment

  2. Reservation of Ownership

  3. Risk

  4. Reasonable Doubt as to the Ability to Pay

  5. Limited Liability

  6. Goods Supplied on Consignment

  7. Copyright

  8. Guarantee on Goods

  9. Order Cancellation

  10. Insurance

  11. Cost of Goods

  12. Taxes

  13. Currency

  14. Refunds

  15. All Jewellery Special Offers and Uniques

  16. Design Inventory

  17. Online Tracking


The invoice price for all goods is to be paid by you in full within thirty (30) days of delivery by Zealcraft Pty Limited (“the Company”) failing which interest will be payable by you on the unpaid amount at the rate of one point five percent (1.5%) or part thereof per calendar month.


All Goods delivered to you by the Company shall remain the property of the Company until all amounts due by you in respect of those goods have been paid in full to the Company. Prior to such payment in full you shall hold all such goods as bailee for the Company (whether or not those goods have been supplied to you as purchaser or consignee) and shall, if so required by the Company, store all such goods separately from any other goods in your possession.

Notwithstanding that you may not have paid in full for any such goods referred to above you may, as bailee for the Company but not otherwise, sell such goods provided that all proceeds from any such sale shall be banked and retained by you in a separate bank or other account and held by you on trust for the Company until such time as you shall have paid in full to the Company all amounts payable by you in respect of those goods.

  1. RISK

All goods sold and delivered to you by the Company will be at your risk immediately following delivery to you.

All goods delivered to us by you, for the purpose of effective work thereto or for any other purpose including return of consignment goods, will be at your risk and should be insured by you against loss or damage. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to such goods while they are in our possession.


If the Company shall at any time have a reasonable doubt as to your ability to meet your debts to the Company as they fall due then the Company may refuse to make any further delivery of goods to you other than upon prior receipt of cash or security satisfactory to the Company and without prejudice to any other rights of the Company in relation to payment for such goods.


The Company will not be liable to any claim by you in respect of any goods unless such claim is validly made under the applicable statutory provisions in force from time to time and, in any event, the Company will not be liable to any consequential loss or damage that you may suffer by reason of the Company’s failure to deliver to you any goods ordered by you.


Goods not returned to us within thirty (30) days of delivery to you on consignment will be invoiced to you and you will be liable for payment as provided above. You will be liable for any loss or damage to the goods, howsoever caused and whether due to your negligence or otherwise, until such time as the goods are returned to us or are paid in for in full by you.


The Company retains the ownership of all copyright in designs and all other intellectual property in all goods supplied to you. You acknowledge that any copying or any other exploitation of such goods or designs is prohibited without our express written approval and you agree that you will be liable to compensate and indemnify the Company for all losses and expense incurred by the Company (including loss of profits) as a result of any such unauthorised use or exploitation by you or by any person or entity associated with you (and whether or not by or through any other interposed person

or entity) and to account to the Company for any and all profits arising to you or any such person or entity.


All goods supplied by Lester Brand are guaranteed against faulty workmanship of metal failure including latent stress crack corrosion and porosity. This does not include reasonable wear and tear.

In the event than an item is shown to be faulty Lester Brand reserves the right to either repair or replace the item at no cost to the purchaser.

A credit note or refund will not be issued.

In the event that the item has been damaged by the purchaser then the guarantee will be void. Lester Brand will make every effort to repair or replace the item at minimal cost to the purchaser. A quotation for work to be carried out will be furnished in advance.


If an order is cancelled within 24 hours of being placed then there will be no costs incurred. Thereafter the purchaser may be billed for work carried out to date.


Goods in Trust

All goods in trust are covered by our insurers.


All Australia wide and international FedEx shipments are covered by our insurers until signed for by you or your representative. Any return goods. i.e. you are shipping our goods back to us or shipping your goods to us will need to be covered by your insurers until signed for by Lester Brand or one of his representatives.


Cost prices will be updated every 24 hours, Monday – Friday. This daily update is done to keep prices in line with daily precious metal prices and currency exchange rates.

The cost price is camouflaged on the product detail page and checkout / wish list pages.

On the product detail page it can be found below the thumbnail images of the design.


There are always 4 digits and then a letter, your cost price follows after the letter, therefore cost is $2781 and then there are always four digits at the end

On the cart page it can be found below the design code.

If you wish for the RRP prices shown to be your cost exclusive of GST then make the rate = 1 for all price ranges on the My Account > Margin Update Page.


We make every endeavour to keep all prices and permutations current. There are however thousands of options, diamond grades and colour assortments to consider. In the event that a price requires updating after an order has been placed we reserve the right to modify the price within 24 hours. You will of course be notified via email.

  1. TAXES

Australia - All costs shown are exclusive of GST

New Zealand - All costs shown are exclusive of DUTY and GST


All costs are in Australian Dollars


Please refer to our Guarantee and Order Cancellation policy above as Lester Brand Jewellery does not offer refunds.


All products shown under these menu options are not available ex stock and are manufactured on a “just in time” basis. Delivery times may vary depending upon the style of product ordered. At the time of ordering a delivery confirmation will be provided.


  • By selecting this menu option you will now be viewing goods that are available for immediate delivery.

  • This data is updated every 24 hours

  • Goods will be shipped on invoice

  • Payment terms are strictly 30 days

  • Shipping will be done within 2 working days, and email notification will be provided to enable shipment tracking.

  • Freight will be billed at the prevailing rate (October 2020)

    • Australia - Current Toll door to door insured rate $22.00

    • New Zealand – FedEx AU$55.00


We use Mixpanel and Google Analytics to track all movement through our website. This includes:

  • Logon email address

  • IP addresses

  • Number and frequency of logon’s

  • Visits to specific pages and the duration of each visit.

  • All orders placed

  • Visits without any specific result

The purpose of the monitoring is to enable us to provide ongoing and better services in those areas most visited. Lester Brand reserves the right to cancel access if there is ongoing use of the website but no business activity.